About Us

New Zealand is a beautiful country with a pristine natural environment; Krishna (my wife) and I (Upali) moved to New Zealand to enjoy this immaculate beauty and also help bringing up our grand children Mehara, 6 and Nuran, 1 (in picture). We are retired science teachers and have helped students in this arena over five decades.

While we enjoy our retired life in New Zealand and the company of our grandchildren; we would like to convey our skills and knowledge acquired over the years of imparting science education to a wider world through the internet. It is with that intention; we have set up this web site: www.simplescience.info

In 2008 Simple Science website was awarded a certificate in recognition of its voluntary services to the community. In Picture Chalaka Salpadoru receiving the awards on behalf of Upali and Krishna from the Mayor of Wellington, Ms Kerry Pendergras. See below certificates.

Our mission:
  • To inspire the next generation 
  • To promote science as part of popular culture 
  • To translate the complexities of science to help engage a wider audience

Our approach would be to:

  • Start with objects and facts familiar to children. 
  • Address the innate queries of the children. 
  • Initiate experiments to solve some problems. 
  • Impart trainings in getting logical conclusions. 
  • Use innovative ways to demonstrate complex stuff.

We invite everyone across the globe to be a part of our initiative. You can use www.simplescience.info to read and understand simple things in life. Some of our lessons, experiments and articles have also been published in some national newspapers in Sri Lanka. Our articles not only cater to adult education; some articles are also very good source of educational material for children.

Thank you for visiting our site and look forward to your continuing support.

Upali and Krishna