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Daniel Bernouli

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    Bernoullis migrated from Holland to Switzerland during the 18th Century.  
Daniels grandfather Nicholas had three sons and made a living by the spice 
trade. He wanted his eldest son to enter the church and the others to follow his trade; yet they disappointed him.

Fig.1 Daniel Bernouli 1700 - 1782

  Jacob drifted to Mathematics and astronomy and inspired the brothers to follow suit. He made a valuable contribution to mathematics with regard to chance occurrences (probability). His Younger brother John, failing in the spice trade entered the University at the age of 16 and studied medicine.  He learned mathematics from his elder brother.  In two years John learned everything Jacob knew. The student did not seem to have been grateful to the teacher, The two brothers vehemently fought for superiority.  John could explain problems which even Sir Isaac Newton could not solve.  Two of them competed for the University chair and the elder one got it by chance. John left the country. He accepted a post in Holland saying he would never come back.

  Somehow, when his father in law requested to see his daughter and the grand children he had to concede.  While he was traveling his brother died.  So he took his chair.

  John also had three sons.  Just as his father had done they objected his sons to enter the domain of mathematics, saying there was no money in it.  When he failed to have his way he gave in and started tutoring them. All three soon became brilliant Bernoullis.  

  The second son Daniel   made a lasting impression with regard to fluid flow studies. As he gained in stature the father and son became ace rivals. The duo entered a mathematics contest. When the son did better than the father, the father chased him out of the house and never ever pardoned him.

  The unusual flow of a liquid or a gas, as experienced in the experiment above, can only be explained by using the equation enunciated by Daniel Bernoulli... This has been a boon for all research scientists working on fast moving vehicles and gaining of lift by aeroplanes and jets.