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Edward Jenner.

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Dr.Edward Jenner.      1749 – 1823 U.K

Father of Immunology.

Created a Landmark in medical treatments by creating a vaccination for the deadly disease small pox.



  Born in Berkley Gloucestershire. His father was a clergyman. He was the eighth of the nine children born to Reverend Stephen Jenner, and his wife Sarah.

1755  Age 6 yrs.

  Jenner went to school in Wotton-under-Edge and Cirencester 

1763   Age 14 Yrs.

   He became an apprentice to  Dr. Daniel Ludlow, for seven years.

1770   Age 21 yrs.

   He moved to St. George's Hospital in London.

1772    Age 23 yrs.

  He returned to Berkley after some training in London and became a general practitioner. Showed a keen interest in wild life.

1788    Age 38 yrs.

   He married. Catharine Kingscote

1796   Age 46 yrs.

   He inserted pus taken from a cow pox patient into the arms of the 8 year old James Phipps. The boy became immune to the deadly disease small pox. Small pox killed one in 3 patients that got the disease and disfigured the survivors.   

1797  Age 47 yrs.

   He submitted a paper to Royal society describing his experiment. The society was not willing to accept but  requested him to get   more evidence.  Jenner injected several children including his 11 year old son.

1798  Age 48 yrs.

   He published the results even using the name ‘Vaccine’ for the process. ( Vacca is the latin we

1804  Age 54 yrs.

  He gave up his medical practice and devoted full time for the eradication f the disease.

Napoleon honoured him by minting a special coin.


1823  Age 74 yrs. 

He became paralyzed and made a peaceful exit.



The government of the day banned any other treatment for smallpox other than Jenner’s. 


The World Health Organisation declared that smallpox was extinct throughout the world.