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  JBS Haldane had a degree in Classics and Mathematics but he became a world renowned Bio-physicist. 

  The sphere of 'population genetics' was    his own invention. As he did not believe any supernatural interference in his experiments he stressed that he was an atheist in real life too. He became a communist and wrote a regular column on scientific topics   to the party Newspaper. 

 Although he believed in Marxism he left the party in 1950 due to the brutal conduct of Jeseph Stalin in USSR.

Fig.1 JBS in Calcutta after an accident in Ceylon. ( Sri Lanka)

 He went to India studied Hinduism, became a vegetarian and finally died as an Indian Citizen. Here are some extracts from his final poem written in his death bed.

His father was the Scottish  Aristrocat Physiologist, John Scott Haldane.

1895 Age 3 Yrs.

         He learned to read.

      1900   Age 8 Yrs.  

He worked with his father in his home laboratory. He has described the amount of effort he was requested to clean the test tubes, required  for experiments.

      1907  Age 15 Yrs.

      He studied Mathematics and classics.

      1912   Age 20Yrs.

      He published his first scientific paper while being a graduate student.

      He joine the British army at the World war I.

      1915   Age 23Yrs.

       He published a paper on genetics written with his sister Naomi.

      1922  Age 30Yrs.

      He taught biochemistry at Trinity College, Cambridge.

      1924  Age 32Yrs.

      He met Charlott Burghes, the reporter and the wife of Jack Burghes.

      1926  Age 34Yrs.

      He marrie the divorcee Charlotte which led to some unpopularity at Cambridge.

      1929  Age 37Yrs.

      Combining Mathematics and Biology he introduced the subject "Population Genetics".

      An article written by him introduced the hypothesis " Primordial Soup theory" ( Now called           abiogenesis.)

      This was also develope by the Russian biochemist Alexander Oparin.  Oparin-Haldane theory.

      1933   Age 41Yrs.

      At a speech he introduced the iea of using Hydrogen  as a fuel.

      1932  Age 42Yrs.

      Visiting Professor at University of California, Berkeley.

      He constructed Gene maps for Haemophilia and colour blindness on X chromosomes.. He also had a theory on Sickle cell       disease.

      Professor of Genetics, Universirty of London.

      He helped to merge Menelion Genetics and Darwins theory of evolution. ( This was broadened by Richar Dawkind in            1976 book "selfish gene")

      He was the first to suggest Invitro fertilisation.

      1942  Age 52Yrs.

      He divorced Charlotte after a period of separation.

 He divorced Charlotte after a period of separation.

      He later married  Helen Spurway.

      1956  Age 67Yrs.  

      Emigrated to India. Worked at the Indian Statistical Institute.

      1964  Age 75Yrs.

      Even in death he helped the science and the humanity by donating hiss body for meical studies.


      Arthur C. Clarke credited him as "perhaps the most brilliant scientific populariser of his      generation"

      laureate Peter Medawar,  recognised as the "wittiest and the cleverest man I ever knew".

          Click to read the poem "Carcinoma".