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posted Mar 10, 2016, 8:56 PM by Upali Salpadoru   [ updated Mar 12, 2016, 7:37 PM ]

Flying foxes.

Fig.1 Indian flying fox. Courtsey:

Bats were considered as,” Demon’s Angels”. They are unusual; flying at dusk and roosting upside down. Biologists have introduced sufficient evidence now for us to change that attitude.  

Bats carry deadly viruses including ebola,SARS etc. but they do not become sick. This has baffled  virologists.

Although colonies of bats have been destroyed in the recent years by man the scientists who have studied them say they cannot pass the disease causing viruses directly to man. On the other hand those who have studied viruses are of opinion that they are vital to our environment. They eat tons of agricultural pests in a single night. They pollinate flowers and help the plants by dispersing seeds and fruits.          

  • Bats do not have feathers.
  • They do not lay eggs,
  • They are the only mammals capable of powered flight.
  • Their wings show 5 ribs similar to our fingers.
Fig.2 Their ribs on the wings are similar to our fingers.
  • They are the only mammals along with whales and dolphins that have shown echo location. They can emit high frequency sound waves and hear the the echo if there are any objects in their path.


Anthony King writing an article in the New Scientist says, quotes the following scientists.

James Wood. University of Cambridge.

“ Bats carry rabies virus yet they have developed immunity”

Linfa Wang. University of Singapore.

“Injecting bacterial toxins to animals normally triggers a reaction.When bats are injected they don’t get even a fever.It is hard to make them sick. Trying to control emerging diseases by killing bats may be the worst thing we can do”


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