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Reviews and some contents.

Head Strong   by Dave Asprey.

Chapter 1.   Head start.Figure from Google.

Dr. Paul Mac Lian introduced the Triune brain model in 1960.

  1. Reptile brain controls temperature regulation and electrical systems.

2. Mammalian brain control instincts. Fear, Food and reproduction.

3. Human brain resist some of the reactions due to false alarms. Each decision requires a lot of energy. When u r tired, hungry or have already made a lot of decisions u run out of energy and make bad decisions.

Chapter 2.  Mighty mitochondria.

Earth was covered with warm seas. Atmosphere was oxygen. One type of bacteria learned to use oxygen to get  energy. They created ATP. A small purple bacterium entered became embedded in another type of cell. This combination evolved to form animals. These bacteria are the mitochondria in our cells.

Chapter 3. Become a neuromaster.

Researchers have found that progesterone , the female hormone, signals oligodendroglia to initiate remyelination.

Bioflavonoids  in citrus fruits and some veggies are essential to keep neurons alive. So are the Polyphenols in coffee, chocolate, blueberries and grapes.

Anything we do to avoid chronic stress will help to create more brain cells.exercise increases neurogenesis. A fun environment helps.


1, Eat saturated fat from grass fed butter, and meat,

2.    Avoid sugar

3. Manage your stress.

4. Have more sex.

Chapter 4. Inflammation.

The brain is the first part of the body to suffer when chronically inflamed.

When mitochondria are inflamed  electrons have to travel further to get to the same place.


Spend some time outdoors barefoot to soak up the earth’s negative charge.

Chapter 5. Brain fuel.

Polyphenols are antioxidants that protect your gut , increase your rate of neurogenesis, play a role in apoptosis. Mitochondria make energy more efficiently with ketones than with glucose.

Do these:-

Eat low sugar fruits and veggies with a healthy fat such as grass fed butter.

Eat more fish.

Restrict carbohydrates.

Chapter 6. Brain inhibiting foods.

Dairy protein, gluten, transfats and vegetable oils cause inlammation.

Mold toxins are particularly toxic.Healthy fats are damaged by high temperatures,


Stop using art sweeteners. They are toxic.

Never eat fried food. Toxic.

Buy organic.

Chapter 7. Avoid toxins and improve your body’s detox systems.

About 25% are genetically sensitive to mold.

Mold toxins , heavy metals, and some drugs are directly toxic.

Toxins are stored in fat. Breaking up fat detox your body.

Chapter 8 Your brain on light, air and cold.

LEd and CFL blbs have too much blue.which damages mitochondria.

Chapter 9

Focus on quality of sleep.

Meditate and exercjse.

                                                                      Your Body
       Extracted from 100 things you never knew.
            1. Tooth enamel is the toughest material in the body.

2.Skeletal muscle makes 40 - 50% of the mass of males and 30 - 40 % in females.

3. Women’s bodies have a lower centre of gravity.

4. Sweat glands releases 2 cups of water per day.

5. Oxytocin bolsters emotional bonding between individuals.

6. The brain can function up to 10 seconds after the blood supply is cut off.

7. Brain is only 2% of the body but it uses 20% of the O2 and glucose.

8. Sleep deprivation is connected to a loss in the no of immune cells.

9. Adults have about 4 -5 Litres of blood.

10. Anger and fear increases the heartbeat by 30 -49 beats a minute.

11. The heart muscles grown in a culture beats spontaneously.

12. normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. .

13. Allergies decrease in elderly.