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Eve in Maldives.

posted Dec 5, 2014, 3:35 AM by   [ updated Sep 22, 2019, 5:14 PM by Upali Salpadoru ]
by Upali Salpadoru.

Evening in Maldives.

Seated on a slanting palm,

Gazing at the waters calm

Strum a guitar for lilting rhymes,

As the evening falls in Maldive Isles


    Emerald green over the reef,

    Aquamarine in the deep

    Dolphins leap like a circus crew

    Evening star peeps bright and blue.


The flying fish emerge from the deep

Glide over the ripples and the reef

Silver streaks, in sky they design

Are truly mirrored in the bluish brine.


    Coloured lights float all around

    Like the jewels of a royal crown.

    Rubies red and garnets fine

    Star sapphires set in a dainty line   


The golden shafts of the moon

Shows a rolling shark in the lagoon.

Topaz lights blinking bright,

Summon the fishermen home to night.


    Touched by the ripples tender

    Our dhoni rocks  yonder.

    White sails flutter in the breeze,

    “Love for Maldives shall never cease”.