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Roasting food.

posted Dec 1, 2014, 10:17 AM by   [ updated Dec 2, 2015, 5:59 PM by Upali Salpadoru ]

"Eat 'Dankuda' and miss your beard", was the warning a boy heard from his mother ( if ever he tried to eat the charred rice from the pot). Now a warning comes from the experts, "Eat fried, grilled or partly burnt food and kiss colon cancer"

Jim Felton, Livermore National Laboratory, says "Animals develop tumors of the colon, breast and prostate when fed the same chemicals that are created in high temperature barbecuing." According to him these high risks began evolving in 1977, when Japanese scientists showed cooked beef contained 'mutagens', chemicals that change DNA. John D Potter of Cancer R.I says, "Although human studies are not conclusive yet, it is better to avoid meat"   Dr. Rashmi Sinha states, "Cooking fatty food for long periods at high temperatures may double the risk of breast cancer compared to those who skip meat or prefer it under-done."

Cancer causing substances in partially burnt food have been identified as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. (PAH) and Heterocyclic amines. The carcinogens found in roasted lamb or chicken cannot be easily scraped off. The burning fat results in hot flare ups, and smoke curls around the food contaminating them with ‘benzopyrene’ which causes gastro-intestinal cancer.

A study by the French environmental campaigning group Robindes Bois, in an open fire, grilled the following:

Large stakes ................4

Turkey cuts (large)........4

Sausages ....................8

The amount of dioxins produced supposed to have been the same as for 220,000 cigarettes.

U.S Environmental Protection Agency describes dioxins as a serious health hazard.'Dioxin' is a general term used for a group of chemicals that won't decompose easily. These are formed when Hydrocarbons come in contact with chlorine at a high temperature. It will take seven years for the dioxin accumulated in your body to reduce to half.

If you still insist on barbecued bits as bites to go with the beer, please take the following precautions:

1.   Keep the temperature low.

Marinate the meat in vinegar for 10 mints. Add various sources. Sprinkle lime juice while cooking and flip over several times.

2.       Microwave first. This will remove much of the fatty juice.

3.       Add anti-cancer soy. Mix half a cup of textured protein to a 2 kg of meat.

4.       Enhance wit vitamin C and E.

Adding  vit.E hinders HCA says Ian Grey (Ph.d) of Michigan State U.

5.       Mix the meat with fruits.  This suppresses 90% of HCA formation according to Mch State U.

6.       Add garlic and herbs.

7.       Prefer underdone to well done.

8.       Wash down barbecue with T. Chemicals in Tea de-toxifies HCA.

9.       Grill fruits and vegetables.

Eating pineapples, tomatoes and pepper lessens the cancer hazard.Wash down barbecue with T.