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Lesser known facts.

posted Aug 11, 2019, 4:10 PM by Upali Salpadoru   [ updated Aug 15, 2019, 9:45 PM ]
Can the Earth be squeezed?

         Yes! It happens all the time. 
  We all know that the ocean water gets attracted  due to the attraction of the moon causing high tide and low tide.  It has been noticed that when ever the sea level rises the ground water level goes down. This remained unexplained for a long time. Now it has been explained.
          During the high tide when the moon attracts the water in the oceans, it also squeezes the earth. The earth behaving like a sponge gets squeezed pushing the ground water level up.
         The large hadron collider in the Swiss, Paris border, uses a circular tunnel which is over 27 km circumference. Here protons are accelerated to a speed almost as high as that of light. So the path has to be correctly adjust . How ever careful they are t has been found that it has be to be corrected twice  , everyday.
         It has been measured  that the circumference of the circular tunnel changes by 1 millimeter during  the tides.  ………………

          Source:-Infinity in the palm of your hand by Marcus Chown.       Chapter 12.

 Most Misbehaving Molecule.

    It comes not from a rare chemical but one of the most common compound . It has been estimated by a US geological survey that the the earth has over 300 million cubic miles of it.  It is none other than a simple oxide of Hydrogen that we refer to as water.

     There cannot be any life without this and  these molecules fill up about 50% of our body mass. Yet it is a molecule that the scientist find it difficult to understand.

       Mpemba effect.

       In 1953 a 13 yr, old student in Tanzania discovered that hot milk freezes before cold milk. His teacher did not believe that.  As the boy entered high school he came in touch with Professor Denis Osborne from Dare Salam University, who encouraged him to do more experiments. In i969 they produced a scientific paper in a prestigious journal.  Yet the this effect has not been properly explained.


 Density effect.

     It is a well known fact that all matter irrespective of state or phase,  contract in cooling. This effect of contracting increases the density. In the case of water this is true only up to 4° C. and there after further cooling causes an expansion. This is why ice at 0 C floats in water at 30 °C.

     Some physical properties.

       We may compare some of the properties of water with a few simpler compounds.
 NameFormula Molecular
 Ammonia NH3 17 - 33.4 C -78 C Gas
 Hydrogen chloride. HCl 36.5 - 85 C - 114 C Gas
 Hydrogen  sulphide. H2S 34 - 61 C - 86 C Gas
 Methane CH4 16 -164 C -183 C Gas
 Water. H2O 18 100 C 0 C Liquid.