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Wish to Know ?

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1. Wish to know a chemical           that can self clean?

Fig. The Jubilee Church in Rome has self cleaning concrete.

Cleaning is a tedious task              that require brushes,         detergents, plenty of water             and a lot of elbow grease.                      How about having a coating that can get rid of the grime and grease by itself?  

    This is not science fiction but a fact.  

The Jubilee Church in Rome, completed in 2003 has been coated with a mystic chemical, that can break down all organic dirt that cling  on to the white walls . When the light falls on the surface this silent worker, emits energetic electrons to break down the dirt to harmless Carbon dioxide and water, without itself wearing out.  This is an example of “photo-catalysis”   The  enhanced,  water spreading property of the chemical  ( hydrophilic action)  completes the cleaning process, without any drip marks of water drops.

This amazing volunteer is no other than Titanium dioxide, the oxide of the metal that is on slot no 22 in the Periodic Table, among the transition metals.
The ability of this chemical to break down organic compounds has been applied in many spheres and yet more to come.  

Use of TiO2 in toilet commodes and tiles have made bleach and  germicides superfluous. In Japan some pavement stones have been coated with this chemical to  reduce air pollution.

While there is plenty of scope for the treatment of polluted water and air the doctors are trying to use it as a cure for cancer. The research has shown that injecting TiO2   into a tumour and exposing it to UV rays can kill the malignant cells without damaging the healthy tissue.

The only doubt about this magician is that the long term effects of the chemical has not been researched and it may take at least another 10 years to do that.

1. Ye may wish to know that by mass we are 90% star dust and 10% Hydrogen !

 2. Are we star-dust?

Just 3 seconds after the Big-Bang, the Universe cooled and the sub atomic particles coalesced  due to electromagnetic forces. This resulted in the
formation of the simplest atoms; Hydrogen.  After a few million years
of expansion,  Gravity started crushing them which resulted in Helium.
This was ‘nuclear fusion’, which raised the temperature to millions of
degrees forming stars.

 Rest of the elements were formed inside the stars. When some stars
exploded star dust was scattered, considering the number of atoms we
are 40% star dust while the rest is Hydrogen.

3.  How old is the Universe?

According to modern astronomy the Universe is 13.7 billion years old formed after the Big Bang which was neither big nor bang. { There could not have been any sound and it started as a tiny speck  (10 - 23 m )  you can think of.}

4. Is there an Earth like planet anywhere?

That at present there are over 500 planets discovered out side our solar system and  there isn't a single habitable Earthlike  planet among them.

5.Science or faith ?

That millions in United States still believe that the world was created a few thousand years ago and that it will end in a few more years and the humans existed since the beginning.

5.Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain; Ye may not know the smallest.?  


A base camp at Mt Everest , tallest mountain.

6. What is the smallest length?

It is called the Plank length and is equal to 1.6 x 10-35

( Anything smaller than this is not possible even theoretically.)

Plank time is the time light will take to travel this distance.

6. That you can see actual atoms.

When Earnest Rutherford described the Atom, it has been  said, ‘they are so tiny no  body could ever  see an individual atom’   In 1981 Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer  became the first humans  to see an individual atom.  They used the scanning tunnelling microscope which they had invented. This has become a popular piece of equipment for the development of Nanotechnology. Gerd Binning, Rohrer, and Ruska was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1986.

"The STM is not an optical microscope; instead, it works by detecting electrical forces with a probe that tapers down to a point only a single atom across.

The probe in the STM sweeps across the surface of which an image is to be obtained. The electron shells, or clouds, surrounding the atoms on the surface produce irregularities that are detected by the probe and mapped by a computer into an image. The resolution of the image is on the order of one nanometer (1 nm) or less, where 1 nm = 0.000000001 meter = 10-9 m". Courtsey ''

 7. Most Magnetic Object

. That the most magnetic and the densest objects in the Universe are the NEUTRON STARS..

 8. Are you Asians,Europeans , Chinese or Africans ?  where do you come from?

   Scientists have discovered an infallible way to trace the maternal ancestry of any human group.  Genes found in mitochondria are passed over from mother to every child. On tracing back these gene lines it has been discovered all human beings living today descended from one mother that lived 200,000 years ago in africa. Recent Common Ancestor. Nick named Mmitochondrial Eve. ( Source :- Its not Rocket Science by Ben Miller.)

9.  Space is not a void.

 It was the general opinion that the space between galaxies is completely free of known matter. It has been recently discovered there is a vast Hydrogen bridges between galaxies. The molecules a so spares, it may never be able to use as a fuel for future space voyages.   -  New Scientist   June 2012.   

11.  Too many guests in our house.

 We know that many diseases are caused by bacteria. At the same time some do yeomen service for our healthy existence, Guess the ratio of microbes to the number of cells in our body. Is it a shock for you to hear that they outnumber our body cells 10 : 1.?

12  Poor Homo sapiens.

  • Is the human brain evolving to become stupid?

The fact that the present day man uses the brains more than brawn is an undeniable fact; yet it may be a very big surprise for you to know that during the last 20.000 years the human head has become comparatively smaller.

The author suspects that although the cranial capacity hhas decreased, the cerebellum may have increased to produce a higher standard of intelligence..
Source:  “The things that no body knows” by William Hartston.  2011 publication

  •  Wish to know that Death started with Sex !

Earliest creatures reproduced by dividing the body mass usually into 2 and sometimes into 4 and 8 once the sexual way of reproduction started the male was necessary to get the sperm. Some animals kill the male after sex. Salmon die after laying eggs.  " Once the reproduction has been assured the gene has little use for the body so is content to let it die" William Hartston