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posted Oct 22, 2015, 12:25 PM by Upali Salpadoru   [ updated Dec 3, 2015, 10:16 AM ]

2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

According to many Scientists 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is an established scientific fact.  To those who believe in Genesis  creation narrative and strong evidence against Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’.

What exactly is this Law?

1.    Every time Heat energy is used to get work done, some energy will be lost.

2.    Orderly arrangement in any system will move towards disorder with time.

No 1. is clear and does not need an explanation. Let us take an example for no 2.

If you keep a moth ball among your clothes, it will become smaller and smaller and vanish with time. The solid moth ball is an orderly arrangement. We can handle it, find its volume and weight. Moreover the molecules in a solid shows an orderly arrangement. When you keep the moth ball exposed to air the molecules get loosened up and fly off. Once they have changed to a gas molecules will be randomly dispersed; that is dis-order.

How does this law contradict the Theory of evolution?

Organic evolution has to start from the earliest ‘living molecules’. They may be something similar to what we now know as RNA or DNA. Due to cell division they multiplied producing colonies. Some sections broke off due to natural causes and got exposed to different environments.

Although copying genes for cell division is an extremely an accurate process a mistake can occur once in a way. This can make the daughter cells slightly different from the mother cell. Such changes are called mutations.  These changes may be for the better or worse for the organism. While those with helpful changes progress and produce more off springs those with harmful mutations can perish and become extinct.

From the earliest bacteria and protozoa which had only a single cell, gradually multicellular animals and plants evolved.

The creationists argue this is against the 2nd law of thermodynamics, as more complex systems have been developed from simple things. According to the law, they say complexity should break down giving way to dis-order, entropy is term used. “ It is impossible for the nature to create” they say.

Big bang and the Universe.

Scientific observations by the Physicists and Astronomers provide sufficient evidence with regard to the Theory of the Big bang. (There is no way to get any knowledge what occurred beyond this point.  13.7 billion years ago Space, Time and the Universe was born in a split second and started to blow up like a balloon.

What happened after the Big bang?

Time after Big bang


Major events.


.10-43  s.

Plank era.

Nothing much is known except for the presence of a vast quantity of energy at a temperature of ten thousand million, million degrees Celsius..

10-43  s

10-38  s

Gut era.

Quarks and leptons were formed and dashed through high speed.

10-38  s

10-10  s.

Electroweak era.

Space expanded and reduced the temperature. Elementary particles quarks and leptons including electrons were formed.

10-10  s.


Particle era.

Quarks,and leptons formed. (electron is a lepton)


180 s.

Nucleo-synthesis era.

Quarks got together to form composite  particles.

A Proton was formed from  2 down quarks and a up quark.

A Neutron from  2 up quarks and a down quark.

180 s


Nuclei era.

Plasma of H+ , He++. and e-   


1 billion yrs.

Era of atoms.

Electromagnetic force develops and the electrons orbit round positively charged nuclei.

Stars begin to form.

1 billion yrs.


Clusters, Stars, and galaxies formed. New molecules get created inside the stars due to pressure.

Is this universe getting disordered?

The second law of thermodynamics, as enunciated by Carnot, Lord Kelvin and others is perfect for steam engines but it cannot be applied to the Universe. Universe although expanding is capable of creation and bringing order.