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Is technology the safest way?

posted Feb 2, 2015, 3:09 AM by
Daily we use advanced technology to consider, connect, collect, and communicate. But many of us are unaware of the unforeseen danger that lurks beneath our flashing screens. Therefore we must understand the concerns about technology and our dependence on IT.  Is IT really worth it?

Firewalls, parental locks, anti viruses are all false senses of security. We can still open a programme and whoop our computer to the Internet, filled with advertisements and viruses. Not only can these programmes be to blame, but there are other detrimental concepts due to a simple malfunction technology can crash. It can surrender to water being dropped or it can ju st happen. Not always can you retrieve lost information. Technology is insecure and our dependence on it is absolutely humiliating. Can you trust it?

As well as the insecurity , we are destroying past cultures and traditions. Years ago we sent letters, an art that was not recognized as one. The connections to associates far away was harder to reach and meant far more to us. Now we can simply e mail text or Skype them. Think hard. Is this better? Before you would get to an art exhibit and marvel at the wonders close enough to touch. Now just search it on the internet. Depending on technology in this manner is a disgrace. 

What can be the use of a creation be when you can technologically enhance it?  It’s like chopping down trees to build a habitat while destroying the fauna you were building it for.

Connecting, using the internet or other means dependent on technology can be harmful. Many suicides and other unfortunate happening have happened due to the internet. You can never be totally sure what you are doing. There is a hideous  amount of bullying committed on the internet and other technology. 

Technology cannot be trusted and I beg you to wonder your usage of it. But remember : Is technology really the safest way.