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Here is one to remember the names of the planets in our solar system.

"My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos"


Fig.1.  The planets in our solar system.


  • Geological Eras


A Mnemonic to remember the Eras


Camels Cambrian often Ordovician sit Silurian down Devonian carefully Carboniferous

Perhaps Premium their Triassic joints Jurassic creak cretaceous

Possibly Palaeocene early Eocene oiling Oligocene might Miocene

prevent Pleistocene premature Pliocene harm Holocene


Remember the colours of the Rainbow in the correct order.


Ryanair (red) Offers (orange)You (yellow) Great (green) Breaks (blue) In (indigo)  Venice. (violet)

  •   A  Poem


.Red  Orange  Yellow and Green

Brightest Colours we have seen

Blue Violet and Indigo

They are the prettiest colours we know
  •  The first 18 Elements in the Periodic Table.


Happy(H) Henry (He) Likes (Li) Beer (Be) But (B) Could (C)  Not (N) Obtain (O) Four (F)  Nuts (Ne)

Naughty (Na)  Magpies (Mg) Always (Al) Sing (Si) Perfect (P) Songs (S) Clawing (Cl) Ants (Ar)

  • Common metals according to the Activity Series.

Kate (K) potassium Baby (Ba) Barium  Straightaway (St) strontium  Called (Ca) calcium  Naval  (Na) sodium Magnates (Mg) magnesium Allowing (Al)  aluminium Manual (Mn)  manganese Zero (Zn) Zinc Control (Cr) chromium Ferrari (Fe)iron

Cader (Cd) copper .Com (Co) cobalt Nicely (Ni) nickel Stand (Sn) tin Public (Pb) lead House (H) hydrogen Sabotage (Sb) As ( As) arsenic Bigger (Bi) bismuth

Cupid (Cu) copper Again (Ag) silver Hugged (Hg) mercury Pretty (Pt) platinum Austin.  (Au)   gold