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Bottle garden.

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It is going to be winter in the southern hemisphere. 
Outdoor gardening will be limited to green houses. So you may start a garden in doors. Heres a way to observe the germination of tiny seeds producing tender shoots (plumule) and roots (radical).

Fig. Seeds germinating in a bottle. 


Moisten the paper and sprinkle some small seeds like mustard or chilly, in between the paper and the boittle. Add some fresh water up to a height of about 1cm.  If you like you can cover the bottle with cut off top part of the mega bottle. This will prevent excessive evaporation and  conserve heat to give a suitable temperature for the seeds to

Photo tropism

The experiment can be extended to do further investigations. If you place a black paper on a side to cover the light. Observe a seedling partly covered by the black paper. If a part grows towards light , it is called positively phototropic and if they grow away from light that condition is described as negative phototropism.


 An experiment to watch the effect of gravity on the growth of a seedling..

Fig. 2  Do the roots go down and the shoots grow up?

It is not possible to change the direction of gravity, but you can tilt the bottle so that the force of gravity will attract as shown here.Wait.! Just before you tilt you must remove the water. Gravitational growth movement in plants are described as Gravitropism. (Any way this is not a pool proof experiment to prove gravitropism)

One can argue that there is an experimental error in this experiment. If you can spot it please send us an e- mail.