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Teasing a Friend

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The friends and relations wished  him “Many happy returns of the day”.  Ali cut the cake while the group sang “Happy ….Birth day…”. After the feast it was the time for fun and games. Ali had prepared a bottle with a hard tube connected to a saline tube. He challenged  anybody to blow into the bottle until it would burst. Many were scared to do it. As they thought the bottle would burst like a bomb. So Ali connected a long saline tube, so that you may blow from a distance.  Ali said, “ When you blow into it, the gas pressure inside will increase. The cork cannot go up as I have tied it. If you burst the bottle, You can have any present that I’ve received today”

Fig.1 Blow a bottle.

Roy promptly came forward. “OK !  I’ll do it”.   He put the end of the saline tube in his mouth and blew. He blew and blew. Harder he blew. The cork was about to pop out. Anyway the threads held. Everybody was gazing at him in admiration. He could blow no more. So he stopped and pulled the tube out of his mouth. It gave a proper splash of water on to his face. Ali promptly gave him a towel and said “I am sorry my pal”  Others could not control their laughter..  


Fig. 2. Roy blew hard into the bottle.